Bug Detection

Narcotic Detection

Meet Mikki

Mikki is a German Short Haired Pointer. She is Focuss Canada’s most beloved bed bug Sask team member. Mikki was trained on live bedbugs and eggs so she knows how to find them. She has experience working in houses, hotels, work camps, correction facilities, care homes, schools and offices.

Mikki, and her handler Ken Linville, have inspected numerous locations throughout Saskatchewan for bed bugs. Some of her recent searches include Saskatoon Health Region, Care Homes,  Saskatchewan Corrections, and the City of  Saskatoon.

Mikki has also provided her services to privately owned apartment buildings, private residences, property agencies and vehicles. She will also check the belongings of people that are dealing with a bedbug infestation.

Bed bugs can hide in a variety of places, including: beds, mattresses, sofas, books, school buses, kids back-packs, headboards, dressers, floor boards, fabric chairs, behind peeling paint, carpet, rugs, wallpaper, base boards, electrical outlets, switch plates, briefcases, suitcases, night tables and more.

Don’t worry, if they’re there, she’ll find them!

Meet Monty

Monty is an extremely high drive English Springer Spaniel who is trained only on real drugs and not pseudo scents.  Annually Monty and Ken recertify with a third party, out of the province, narcotics recertification program.

Monty has worked in mining camps, work sites, vehicles and correctional facilities.

Monty is a smaller dog, which means he is easily handled into small spots like aircraft holds, vehicles and  storage areas. From aircraft flights to the heat and darkness of underground nothing phases Monty from searching for the target odurs.

His searches are very successful in deterring employees, visitors, and contractors from bringing drugs and other illicit materials to your site.

We will keep the results of all searches strictly confidential.


Meet Halo

Halo is a Springer Spaniel specially trained to detect live bed bugs and eggs.

Save money by finding out which rooms are infested and not having an exterminator do rooms and areas that are clear of bugs.

A one bedroom apartment will take only up to 15 minutes on average  to inspect. The timing depends on the number of possessions and furniture that must be checked and moved.

We check beds, couches, chairs and as many baseboards as possible. We also check the more common areas such as luggage, book cases and books. We look at used furniture that was brought in and wall plugs that join infested rooms and apartments.

We work for you and have no vested interest on which exterminator or method you choose, should one be required. We will provide the best advice on removal based on our years of experience.

We will work around your schedule (after or before normal business hours, including weekends).

The dogs are trained to produce a response when they detect an odour.  They will not touch or damage property when they find something. This limits the potential of cross-contamination of areas.

Further investigation by the handler identifies the exact location of the suspect finding.

Workers can keep working while we are searching.  We are trained to do our work surrounded by daily activities.

Once the search begins, the dog is systematically handled from room to room. If a scent is detected, the dog will passively alert the handler to mark the spot.

We will arrive in an unmarked vehicle at a time that is most convinent for you.

Halo and Ken